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36 hour online course


In this online course we will have a deeper look into yoga asana through the energetics of the sequences, the anatomy and physiology of Ayurveda, the gunas or mental doshas, mantra vidya, even approaching vedic astrology to a certain extent.


Sequencing is not simply the putting together of poses to create a continuous flow... it's not simply choreography of asanas to music.  It's not only how to access the muscles and "feel good" after practice.  So then, how can we create a sequence that begins to access more than just the outer body?

There are ways.  First you have to ask yourself where do I want to go?  If it's yoga practice then clearly, inside.

Moving the Prana inward is key.


Asana is mostly a method of arriving into stillness.  Can you sit and not move and not be in pain?  Is the mind jumping around like a jumping bean, well then perhaps the prana is not inside.  The methods we will explore together will include asana, breath work, mantra (japa), yoga psychology, meditation, ritual, and relaxation.


There is a lot you can offer in a 60-90 minute yoga asana class!

36 Hours can be added towards 300 RYT/500 RYT  Certification with Yoga Alliance.

The Course is taught in person and online.  All the recordings will be available for future viewing


Thank you so much for this training Mary!  It has truly changed the way I will be teaching and tending to my own practice.  I really loved it and look forward to taking future trainings. ~ Amy 


36 Hours can be added towards 300 RYT/500 RYT  Certification with Yoga Alliance.

This course is entirely online pre-recorded, go at your own pace in the comfort of your home.

Course tuition $199

Payment plan available



A total of eight, 36 hour courses are necessary for certification at the 300/500 level.

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