Yoga teachings should be accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to offer Yoga to the world in this time of need.

If you believe in this mission then please donate what you can. 

This is our goal, this is our mission.

In 2004 Mary Bastien "E-RYT 500" started

Open Space Yoga to share Yoga with our small community. 


Her first studio was in Honolulu's historical chinatown,

Mary saw chinatown as a cultural melting pot, with open arms.

Open Space Yoga has been Oahu's community Yoga studio for over 15 years.

Now It's our turn to give back some Aloha in this time of need.

A huge Mahalo and Thank you to all the Bronze Members and

Open Space Yoga community to help make this possible.

Our Seva offering to the world,

 Online Yoga classes, Guided Meditations & Short Lectures. 

Open Space Yoga has partnered with Ayurveda Hawaii to give a whole Yoga wellness experience.

We are excited to share Yoga, Meditation & Ayurveda teachings online.

We will always be dedicated to the teachings.

If you enjoy our offerings, please donate what you can and 

we can keep posting new teachings.

We have a strong passion for Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation,

 it's our mission to offer our teachings to the world.

This is our Seva to you.

Thank you

Mailing Address PO Box 550 Waialua HI 96791

Open Space Yoga Hawaii 2020